Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge installed 1200 盏 LED street light

On October 20th, the Wenhui Daily reported that the Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge has been fully illuminated recently. This concrete dragon traversing the Yangtze River estuary is covered with beautiful light, showing the beauty and splendor of only the night. The light in the Yangtze River Tunnel is smooth, just like a shuttle through time and space; the warm and cold light on the Yangtze River Bridge reflects each other, showing the beauty of the "double tower wonders" and "the boundaries of the rivers."

The Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge strives to promote new energy-saving technologies in lighting projects, and it embodies the concept of green environmental protection everywhere. In the tunnel lighting design process, the technicians use special calculation software to calculate the contrast, so as to quickly and conveniently determine the layout of the lamps, the height of the poles, the spacing of the street lamps, and the capacity of the light source to achieve a suitable illumination.

For the first time, the tunnel interior lighting uses a different lighting method than the other existing tunnels - Led Light source, which makes people feel bright and comfortable. In the Yangtze River Tunnel, according to ordinary fluorescent lighting, the lighting power of one day will be more than 20,000 degrees; now Led Lighting, the power consumption is equivalent to a 30% discount. In addition, natural light is fully utilized, and a hybrid light transition mode is adopted at the tunnel entrance, and the corresponding power supply capacity can be reduced by 25%.

High-pressure sodium lamps are preferred for bridge road lighting sources. The Yangtze River Bridge includes 14.1 kilometers of the approach bridge and 1200 miles of street lighting. Under the same lighting requirements, the high-pressure sodium lamp source is about 657,000 kWh per year compared to the metal halide lamp source.

The basic lighting of the tunnel adopts an intelligent lighting control system with dimming and grading, which can detect the working condition of each LED tube in the tunnel. The tube inside the tunnel can start from 20% brightness and adjust upwards at 10% interval until 100% brightness, including shutdown, can be divided into 10 levels. This keeps the brightness inside the tunnel even and saves power. For example, in deep places, only 60% or 70% of the brightness is enough.

The control of the bridge road lighting combined with the implementation of the full bridge integrated monitoring system constitutes a control system with functions such as remote control, telemetry, remote communication and data information processing. Accurate remote control switch lights for all street lights in the whole bridge can be avoided to avoid energy waste caused by early opening or late closing.

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