The main trend of the development of the lighting industry in 2010: intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting has entered people's realization since the early 1990s. Its humanized setting of the scene mode has been highly praised by people, and the industry has also begun to rise rapidly. At present, various types of manufacturers have emerged on the market, and intelligent lighting is on the land of China. flowering. Due to the influence of market consumption awareness, market environment, product price, promotion and other aspects, it has hindered the development of the intelligent lighting industry. Although the current smart lighting control field has not yet formed a large-scale national consumer market, most intelligent lighting manufacturers are still trying to guide consumers, and have been exploring suitable models for this industry in the construction of channels.
The function of the intelligent lighting system 1. The fully automatic dimming intelligent lighting control system can work in a fully automatic state. The system has several basic states that automatically switch to each other at preset times and automatically adjust the illuminance to the optimum level.
2. The full use of natural light source can adjust the construction equipment (such as hundred curtains) with light control function to adjust the natural light of Shanghai Procter & Gamble Company, and can also be linked with the lighting system. When the weather changes, the system can automatically adjust, regardless of the location or weather changes, the system can ensure that the indoor illumination is maintained at a preset level.
3. Consistency of illumination When a lighting designer designs a new building, the lighting efficiency and the wall reflectance of the room are attenuated over time. Therefore, the initial illumination is set higher. This design not only causes the illumination of the building to be inconsistent with the use period (or the interval between the two decorations), but also causes unnecessary energy waste due to the high illuminance of yangfanysrl at the beginning. After the intelligent lighting control, although the illumination is still high, but because of the intelligent dimming, the system will maintain a constant illumination of the illumination area according to the preset standard brightness, without being reduced by the efficiency of the lamp and the attenuation of the wall reflectivity. influences.
4. Light environment scene intelligent conversion Intelligent lighting control system can set different scene modules in advance, and you can transfer the required scenes as needed by operating on the corresponding control panel. The user can also adjust the scene in real time through the programmable control panel to suit different requirements. In addition, the user can also use the portable programmer to perform transformation settings for different scenes through the interface.
5. Energy-saving intelligent lighting control system in operation can intelligently dim most lamps (including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps with special ballasts, mercury lamps, neon lights, etc.), where needed, when needed Full illumination. Turn off unnecessary lamps in time, make full use of natural light, and fully save energy. Achieving intelligent lighting control can generally save 2040% of electrical energy, which not only reduces the user's electricity bills, but also reduces the power supply pressure.
6. Extending the life of the light source It is well known that the main cause of damage to the light source is the overvoltage of the power grid. As long as the operating voltage is appropriately reduced, the life of the light source can be prolonged. The intelligent lighting control system adopts the soft start mode, can control the grid surge voltage and surge voltage, and protect the filament from thermal shock, thus extending the life of the light source by 24 times, which is of special significance for a large number of light sources and difficult installation areas. In short, the combination of intelligent and lighting technology of Shanghai Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd. has built a full technical platform to fully interpret the concepts of green and sustainable lighting with energy saving, low consumption, long life, operational savings, and people-oriented.
The development and maturity of the industry is inseparable from the exploration of enterprises and channel operators. In the face of the increasingly mature intelligent lighting industry, people in the industry have said that smart lighting will become the next growth point. In the author's view, the development of the intelligent lighting industry is inseparable from the research and development of enterprise technology, the support of channel providers, and the supervision of the media. The three-pronged approach, the intelligent lighting industry will surely usher in a bright future.

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