266-inch LED energy-saving street lamp in Nansha District of Guangzhou has been put into use

Guangzhou plans to carry out energy-saving renovation of 100,000 street lamps in the main city from this year, and the first batch of 266 new LED high-efficiency and energy-saving street lamps in Nansha District has also been put into use, becoming a new breakthrough in the renovation of energy-saving and emission-reducing street lamps in the district.

This time, Nansha District invested a total of nearly 500,000 yuan, respectively, in the Gangqian Avenue, Toyota Motor Show visits and other places to carry out the transformation and promotion of LED energy-saving lamps. The modified street lamps are all independently developed and produced by Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., which is the result of independent innovation of local enterprises.

According to the relevant departments of Nansha District, the energy-saving street lamp installed in Nansha is the first batch of LED street lamps in Guangzhou. It is a chip developed by Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. located in Nansha Consulting Science and Technology Park. The result of independent innovation of enterprises. The company's researchers told reporters yesterday that LEDs are cold light sources, and their heat generation is much lower than that of traditional incandescent lamps, so their luminous efficiency is higher and they are more energy efficient. He calculated the account for the reporter: At present, the power of a common street lamp is about 600-800 watts, and the power of an LED street lamp is only 300-400 watts, which is calculated by lighting a street lamp for 10 hours a day. A street lamp can save 1000-1500 kWh (commonly known). If it is a street lamp of the same power, the LED technology can be 1/2 higher than the traditional road light. Moreover, the life of the LED energy-saving street lamp is longer than that of the traditional street lamp, and it can be used for about 8 years.

It is understood that the Guangzhou Municipal Government has planned to start from this year, led by the Municipal Construction Committee, to carry out energy-saving renovation of more than 100,000 street lamps in the city. The person in charge of Jingke Electronics told reporters that the streetlight renovation in Guangzhou will also adopt LED streetlight technology, and Mayor Zhang Guangning made it clear during his inspection in Nansha last week that he hopes local enterprises can accelerate the development of new products, whether it is street lighting renovation. In the future Asian Games, under the same conditions, the government will give priority to the use of energy-saving products independently researched and developed by local enterprises.

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