Everlight Electronics Introduces High Power Small Size LED Component Series

Yiguang Electronics adheres to the application of design into the application, integrates the application into life, and develops high brightness, low thermal resistance, small size and thin shape with such concepts combined with advanced ceramic packaging technology, professional process and considering heat dissipation and circuit simplification. The surface mount high-power LED component series, the product name is "Shuen" (Shuen), this breakthrough greatly reduces the package size of high-performance LED.

“Hyun” stands for “light shining, dazzling”, and also represents the performance of Yiguang Electronics in seeking new progress on high-power LEDs. This series of products is only 3mmx4.5mm in size and only 2.2mm in thickness, which helps designers not limit the design of LEDs when designing lamps, and can greatly reduce the size of the appearance. In the high efficiency and uniform light source performance, the brightness and uniformity of the light source are not reduced due to the size of the lamp or the number of LEDs. Yiguang Electronics' "Hyun" series products are widely used in various Indoor and Outdoor lighting fixtures, including general household lighting, architectural and entertainment lighting, indicating and symbolic light sources, and lighting sources inside and outside the vehicle. It is the best choice for solid-state lighting systems.

The benefits of today's LEDs are well known, including protecting the environment, saving energy, and longevity. The "Hyun" series not only meets the above requirements, but also enhances the advantages of the "Hyun" series with the help of LED technology conditions of Yiguang Electronics. This high-power LED series meets the requirements of the EU RoHS, and produces brilliance with lead-free, mercury-free, cadmium-free, hexavalent-free, benzene-free and bromine-free processes under conditions of increased efficiency and energy efficiency. "Hyun" series of LED products.

The “Hyun” series offers users complete color options including cool white, natural white, warm white, red, royal red, orange, amber, green, turquoise, blue and royal blue. When the user operates at 350mA, the average power can exceed 70 lumens and the life can be as high as 65,000 hours, and the lumen retention ratio of B50 L70 is achieved to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the long life of the LED and the efficiency is unchanged.

Yiguang high power small size LED component series editor: 茗草

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