Korean prosecutor said Samsung Electronics LED core technology was leaked

According to South Korean media reports, Seoul’s eastern branch inspection criminals said on the 3rd that Samsung’s semiconductor core technology was leaked to Hynix Semiconductor through a cooperative company for six years.
On the 3rd, the 6th branch of the Seoul branch inspection agency said that it had detained and prosecuted the other seven employees for Guo (47), vice president of semiconductor equipment company A, and Kim, 41 (year-old), director of the Korean company. Prosecuted for non-detention. These people are suspected of leaking Samsung's electronic semiconductor manufacturing technology and business secrets to Hynix, suspected of violating laws on preventing unfair competition and protecting business secrets.
The prosecution also detained and prosecuted Hynix, a general manager of Hynix (51 years old) who accepted the business secret, and filed a lawsuit against the Samsung Electronics Section Chief (37) and eight other employees involved in the case. For the leaked secret former Samsung Electronics as the chief researcher Luo Mou (now A company inauguration) issued a wanted order.
The prosecution said that Guo and staff Jinmou and others colluded. Since March 2005, a total of 95 business secrets related to Samsung Electronics DREAM and memory production engineering were stolen, and 13 of them were handed over to Hynix. Han, who is a general manager of Hynix Semiconductor, is suspected of receiving nine stolen business secrets. Samsung Electronics Chief South was suspected of leaking Samsung Electronics DREAM and NAND flash memory and next-generation semiconductor development plans to the other party in April 2008 in Silicon Valley, USA.
The technology leak caused a direct loss of hundreds of billions of won (presumed value) to Samsung Electronics, and indirect losses will reach trillions of won.

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