Foshan will push the country's first LED product packaging marking standard

On December 7th, Foshan LED product packaging labeling standard development seminar was held in the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau. The deputy secretary-general of Foshan Lighting Association said that more than 100 member companies of Foshan Lighting Association will adopt uniform product packaging. Logo.

It is understood that in recent years, South Korea and the United States have accelerated the development of LED product standards and seized the industry's right to speak. The industry pointed out that LED products on the Chinese market are uneven and lack identification standards. The same product on the market often has a large price difference, which is difficult for consumers to distinguish on the packaging, which also greatly limits the sales of LED products.

The meeting initially agreed on 10 exterior packaging identification items such as photoelectric energy efficiency and warranty period. Since 70% of Foshan's LED products are exported, the development of the unified logo will play a positive role in the development of foreign LED companies.


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