Resurrection in the chip market has become a hot topic for mobile devices

In today's society, various kinds of intelligent electronic products emerge one after another, and the rising competition in the chip market is becoming increasingly incandescent. Intel and Qualcomm, the giants of the chip industry, each occupied its own territory. Because the conflict between the markets is not obvious, With the rapid development of notebook computers and the rapid popularity of smartphones and tablets, the huge potential in the mobile device market has attracted the attention of many companies, and the behavior of large-scale chips to attack each other's sites has become increasingly fierce.

In the past, for a long period of time, although Intel's chip technology was advanced, because its chips consume a lot of power compared with other similar products, it is far from meeting the needs of consumers. Therefore, Intel's processors have always been mobile phones. Manufacturers refuse to go outside; on the other hand, Qualcomm has been unable to compete with Intel in the notebook market because its products are not compatible with most computer software. Between these two reasons, Qualcomm and Intel have always maintained a peaceful situation. However, with the continuous development of the mobile device market, both of them are just about to make a decision.

With the rapid spread of smart phones and tablets, more and more consumers are more inclined to use handheld devices as the main tools for connecting with the Internet. The future mobile device chip market will have huge room for expansion in this market trend. Under this, Intel can no longer stick to the personal computer chip market and has already stepped up its march into the mobile device market. On the one hand, Qualcomm is not willing to show its weaknesses and is fully committed to tapping into the notebook computer chip market, which was originally dominated by Intel.

As rivals, the battle between Intel and Qualcomm has already begun. However, with the rapid rise of the mobile device market, Intel has begun to accelerate the pace of attacks on the mobile device market. Qualcomm naturally will not stand still, in this case, the two chips Market competition among industry giants will also become increasingly incandescent.

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