LED backlight market is getting warmer Dongshan precision production capacity is in a hurry

Recently, Dongshan Precision said that its LED backlight production demand is strong, and the current production capacity is tight.

Dongshan Precision said that its holding subsidiary Suzhou Dongkui Lighting Co., Ltd. develops and produces lighting products. The required LED particles are mainly purchased from Dongshan Precision. According to Suzhou Dongkui Lighting, its market prospect is good, so it proposes the company's LED particle production capacity. Further requirements.

Dongshan Precision currently has an annual production capacity of 1 billion LED pellets and an annual capacity of 1.5 million LED backlight modules. The company has disclosed that it will invest 100 million yuan to significantly expand its LED production capacity, including equipment investment of 85 million yuan, which will double the production capacity of LED pellets and LED backlight production lines.

FGI`s FGSVG series low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic devices are mainly composed of control panels, energy storage capacitors, reactors, IGBT, inverters, fuses and other devices. The Low Voltage Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) has functions such as compensating reactive power, controlling harmonics, balancing negative sequence current and suppressing voltage flicker.

Low Voltage Static Synchronous Compensator

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