High-performance infrared remote control switch circuit diagram

High-performance infrared remote control switch circuit diagram

In the outdoor lighting section, the global urban transformation, urban construction, residential construction and road construction for market demand of high-power, high-brightness, energy-saving LED driver power supply is extremely large. Isolated Programmable LED Driver no need of Optocoupler and side current control circuit to realize isolating constant-current output. The circuit structure is very simple.

                                                                         Isolated Programmable LED DriverUFO LED Light

The advantage of MOSO isolated programmable Industrial Light LED Driver is small input/output capacitance, small output wave, isolated output, high power factor, high current precision and high reliability. Fixed output Industrial Light power supply has output open-circuit protection, over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection.

Dimmable Industrial Light LED Driver built in 2-in-1 dimming and auto-react:0-10Vdc, PWM signal, dali control is optional.

Architecture and industrial Light LED Driver adopt Soft-switching patented technology, high efficiency up to 93%.  


Programmable High Bay LED Driver

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