The report says that the 3G system has low recognition and the WCDMA system accounts for half of the country.

The report says that the 3G system has low recognition and the WCDMA system accounts for half of the country.

On January 18th, the "2009 Mobile Phone Industry Report" was officially released recently. The report summarizes the attention of the majority of users in 2009 to the current domestic 2G and 3G, and the selection of various 3G network standards.

The first year of 3G: 2G is still the first choice for users

According to the "2G, 3G Attention" survey in the report, in the first year of 3G, users' attention to 2G was 83%, and 3G's attention was only 17%. From the analysis of the report, in the past year Here, despite the greater penetration of 3G by operators, 2G mobile phones are still the most commonly used and most concerned by consumers.

In this regard, the initiator of the report believes that there are two main reasons for the low awareness of the 3G system. On the one hand, the user's habits and awareness of 3G still need a process; in addition, the three major operators last year 3G was officially promoted in the second half of the year, but the report reflects the situation for the whole year, so there will be discrepancies in the data. I believe that in 2010, consumers will pay more attention to 3G.

3G standard competition: WCDMA is sought after

Another "3G network standard attention" survey shows that in the case of WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, and CDMA2000, the WCDMA standard has occupied half of the country, with a concentration of up to 55%, while CDMA2000 is 23%, TD -SCDMA attention is 22%.

The initiator of the report believes that the three major 3G network systems have their own strengths. Among them, TD-SCDMA is independently developed by China and promoted by the most powerful China Mobile; and China Telecom has only officially launched the mobile business operation since last year. Concentration, and the implementation of long-term billing is also more recognized by users; and WCDMA's greater awareness, mainly due to the maturity of WCDMA technology and the strength of the terminal camp.

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