Micro whale 55 inch smart TV evaluation

Microwhale officially released its latest 55-inch 4K TV on the evening of August 13. As a smart TV that focuses on the young market in the market, what are the unique selling points? Let's analyze the smart TV that we all know to be addicted to the future.

The appearance of the micro-whale TV adopts the most popular compact body + feet design.

The frame is made of metal aluminum alloy, using metal trimming process, with surface metal wire drawing and sandblasting, and anodizing. From the appearance and touch of the texture, in the current market is a first-class.

The machine's feet are mirrored and look light and elegant.

The micro whale TV adopts the original LG 4K RGB 4K IPS hard screen. The color is bright and beautiful, and the display effect is excellent. It meets the various effects when the program is playing.

After watching the front, we look back. The reverse side of the fuselage of the micro-whale TV adopts an integrated ABS back cover, which makes the model look very simple and neat. Interface uses HDMI 2.03 and two USB3.0 USB2.0 Ethernet interface SD card reader and other interfaces can fully meet the needs of high-definition playback data transmission. Usually everyone in this place will not care, but this also fully reflects the company's intentions.

The interface of the micro-whale TV is very rich, and it is distributed in two areas. Space utilization is very reasonable! Interfaces such as USB and HDMI are reasonably laid out to meet multiple needs.

Hardware Configuration:
Micro Whale WTV55K1 uses a quad-core 64-bit 6A828 processor, with MALI450 quad-core GPU and dual-core VPU. The H.265 and other 4K era native video and streaming video formats can be perfectly decoded. Performance also fully meets the needs of mainstream TV applications and games.

The most distinctive hardware aspect is its audio unit. The original enhanced audio unit, combined with the high frequency diffusion technology of the Treasure Valley, creates a immersive sound through the imported silk film, giving you a cinematic viewing experience.

Use article:
After booting for the first time into the main page of the micro-whale TV, you can see that the interface used is a waterfall flow interface. This is different from the current interface design on the market. The new waterfall flow design allows users not only to operate quickly, but also There is a strong preview feature. User operation is more convenient.

From the perspective of playing video programs, the screen plays smoothly, and the loading speed is fast. The LG panel's colorful enhancement effect is very eye-catching, and the color reproduction and the fine display of the screen are complete, and the visual experience is perfect.

Content articles:
The micro-whale TV content CMC has built-in rich resources. In addition to the resources of the Central Bank, it also integrates rich content resources such as Tencent video. In addition to giving users a better content experience. This is also a major advantage of micro-whale TV in terms of content integration over other brands.

to sum up:
Micro-Whale TV I summed up the following aspects of the ultimate experience, first of all, in terms of appearance and craftsmanship, all-metal construction, perfect seams have proved its excellence; Second, the powerful hardware configuration is definitely the current performance of the monster; Quality, micro whale TV uses the original LG 4K hard screen, to achieve more detailed and sharper details; in sound, the original enhanced audio unit, with the treble pot diffusion technology, through the import of silk film, to create The immersive sound gives you cinematic viewing. In terms of content, many powerful content platforms have been integrated. It is really super coverage of content. If it is not enough, the use of 3D functions may not be acceptable for some users. Although the frequency of 3D use is not high, There is always a user's request for perfection, which may be difficult to adjust.

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