Skyworth 8K TV Strikes in Layout of European Market

IFA2015 has come to an end without hesitation. At the exhibition, Skyworth made its debut with the famous German high-end home appliance brand Metz. Its exhibition hall area is also 850 square meters.

The Skyworth key exhibited is its newest product, the 98-inch 8K ultra high-definition TV. This TV screen is provided by LGD. Its resolution is 76,804,320, which is 16 times that of 1080P TV, and it was added to solve the film source problem. 4K to 8K technology, high use value. In addition, high-dynamic-range image HDR technology has been added, which is very eye-catching in the performance of moving pictures.

Mr. Liu Zhizhi, president of the color TV industrial division of Skyworth Group, told reporters that Skyworth will carry out brand operations in the European market. Skyworth brand faces the mass market and its products will be manufactured in strict accordance with German standards. The Metz brand is faced with In the high-end market, its products are still made in Germany.

The first step of Skyworth's overseas European market strategy is to enter the German-speaking market, the second step is to enter the French market, and finally to enter the entire European market. For overseas European expansion strategy, Skyworth will establish a European R&D center. Skyworth brand will expand to the entire European market within three years and will become the top three TV brands in Europe within five years.

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