Lynx Box 1 generation remote control failure how to do? Step by step to teach you to solve

Lynx Box 1 generation Remote Control failure how to do? Step by step to teach you the solution!

1. First of all, ensure that the insulation inserts in the battery compartment of the remote control have been removed (some remote battery compartments have no insulating inserts);
2, into the random gift of the battery, be sure to note that the positive and negative poles do not install anti-(the battery is very smooth and flat surface, marked with a big positive + above, should be up);
3, test whether the remote control power: the remote control on the left near the power button there is an LED indicator, press the remote control's "volume +" and "volume -" two keys, if the light is lit red, then that remote The device itself is powered and the battery is not installed;
4. After the remote control LED indicator is lighted according to the previous step, the status of the light is always on at the beginning, and then it will start flashing. After blinking for a while, it will go out again.
5, unplug the power of Lynx box;
6. Press the "Volume +" and "Volume -" buttons on the remote control again, the LED indicator will light red (steady light), do not let go and keep this state, and plug in the power of the Lynx box (this time Steps may require help from others to complete. Of course, people with particularly fast hands may also succeed.)
7. After the cat's box is powered on, the two keys of the remote controller are released when the start screen of the box appears on the TV screen;
8. The remote control LED flashes red and starts to code. If the code is successful, the red light will only go off after a few flashes; well, your remote control should be ready for use. Start your box journey!

Unsuccessful friends, please do step 5 to step 8 several times. If you are unsuccessful, call Lynx as soon as possible!

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