Package "one brother" billion light 70% in the third quarter using domestic chips to reduce revenue stagnation pressure

Affected by the mainland supply chain, LED peak season is not very prosperous. According to the released LED industry's August revenue statistics, the industry has grown by more than 10% compared with last month. At present, there are only Tangshi and Huashang, as for the annual revenue growth rate in August. The companies that are going high also have soup stones and red creeks. The package "one brother" billion light has a monthly revenue of 2.335 billion yuan, a monthly growth rate of 3.61%, but the annual growth rate is still down 18.34%.

Tang Shi benefited from its own brand of lamps and lanterns, and won the Forbidden City lighting standard in the second half of the year. In August, the revenue of 233 million yuan was the second highest in history, with a monthly increase of 11.29% and an annual increase of 13.59%. The second half benefited from the successful promotion of cross-strait brand business, and the second half of the year continued to be a new high. The legal person predicts that with the arrival of the traditional peak season, Tang Shi will see a 10-20% increase in revenue this year. In terms of profitability, he also has the opportunity to break through the billion-dollar mark last year.

In October, the revenue of Everlight was 2.335 billion yuan, with a monthly growth rate of 3.61% and an annual growth rate of -15.76%. The accumulated revenue for the first eight months was 18.88 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of -2.59%. In order to get rid of the pressure of revenue decline, the legal person pointed out that in the third quarter, about 70% of the chips use domestic chip factory products, which is estimated to reduce the cost by 15%, which is better than the international brand quotation requirements. It is estimated that July and August will be gross. Interest rates have risen to more than 23%. The month began to be the European lighting season, and the German lighting factory WOFI gross margin was pulled higher to reduce the pressure on revenue stagnation.

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