How to look at the 2016 European Cup? Future TV OTT broadcast Europe Cup

On the evening of June 6th, TV in the future will host the "Europe Cup Internet TV Broadcast Feast" Salon in Chaoyang Park, and publish a special edition of the "China Internet TV" European Cup series of innovative programs run by its partners, Xiaomi, Tencent Penguin TV, and its partners. High-level executives like ShiTeng came to help.

Future TV CEO Xiong Zhihui made a statement on the site. In the future, TV will be the only European Cup Internet TV operator authorized by the CCTV network in 2016. The “China Internet TV” integrated platform and content apk will provide brilliant opportunities for hundreds of millions of Internet TV users across the country. The content of the 2016 European Cup program has not been resold and distributed to any third party. The content of the European Cup related programs broadcast on any OTT platform except the future TV platform is unauthorized. The company will closely monitor and Take all necessary measures to safeguard your rights.

According to reports, authorized by the European Football Association and CCTV, CCTV International Network Co., Ltd. enjoys the exclusive rights to broadcast the 2016 European Football Games in France through the new media platform in mainland China. Future TV, as CCTV's only Internet TV new media platform, has obtained the exclusive authorization of the CCTV Internet TV platform.

Main interface

According to reports, the future of television will be based on the European Cup advantage of content as the core, fully integrate the Internet transmission means and intelligent terminal technology, using a variety of product innovation and program form innovation. Three aspects are emphasized in product innovation: First, three-stage overlay broadcasting, second, regular replay, and the third is 51 games. Adopting a “select + self-made” content strategy, emphasizing refined operations, launching the European Cup feature, including all 51 high-definition matches, front-line news, previous selections, scorer charts and other hot spots in the European Cup. In order to fully enjoy the 360-degree panoramic viewing experience, the company launched a series of self-owned brand shows such as “Baby Free” and made football talk shows and tour programs.

game schedule

Shooter List

Lean "ball" fine

Hello France

Baby is free

In addition, the new TV brand logo "NewTV" will also be unveiled on the spot.

According to the data disclosed on the site, the future television will be broadcasted under the call of “China Internet TV”. The platform covers the smart TV and OTT set-top box manufacturers of most famous domestic manufacturers such as Hisense, Skyworth, Changhong, TCL, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei. More than 80 million end users are expected to cover 100 million users by the end of 2016.

In 2016, the major sporting events will be followed by the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil. It is learned that the next step in the future will be the television and audio visual feast of the Internet TV users.

Comments: June 6, 2016, is a very smooth day, as the OTT licensees, the future of television through the sports year, the European Cup alone broadcast strategy while low-key launch of the new brand identity "NewTV", Bestom General Organized New Media Forum Exploring the integration of TV ecology in the era of big video and high-profile announcement of the new Slogan "new horizons", CIBN also expressed in this forum that it is necessary to build a large-screen eco-entertainer. This positive situation inevitably reminds people of the fact that Internet TV licenses have just been issued. In those two years, coupled with the eager input of communication operators in IPTV, people feel that a beautiful era of big video is coming. Run, IPTV, OTT.

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