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On May 24, 2016, the new Kaiping Big Value Strategy Conference was held at the Dlive Life Hall in Beijing's 798 East District. The theme of the conference was non-ecological/big content, and the cool-on HiFi large-content TV A2 series and VR product strategy made its public debut. At the meeting, Kuang Kai’s chairman Wang Zhiguo announced that he had reached in-depth cooperation with iqiyi. At the same time, the A2 TV series also included VIP members worth 598 yuan and 2 years of iQiyi kiwifruit. At the meeting, Wang Zhiguo also proposed a big content strategy that includes film and television, education, tourism, health, and games, in an effort to create the most powerful screen operation platform for Kukai to become a user-centric and cover all aspects of family life.

Cool open new A2 series named HiFi big content TV, HiFi we all know is the meaning of high fidelity, it can release playback sound that is highly similar to the original sound. The A2 series of TV speakers was jointly developed by Coolopen and JBL, and also obtained JBL's A-level certification. Harman JBL has a strict internal rating system, and A-class TV speakers can be said to be the highest standard, with no more than 1%. Coolpad is the first time in the industry to use bass radiators on TVs. The design from hardware to sound chambers is entirely based on JBL's original design.

Cool open JBL joint development

Cool open "big content"

The "big content" is a brand-new concept brought by Cool Open. Based on the Internet, based on big data, it is sorted and summarized through a variety of screening methods and finally presented to users through a large screen. Different types The family achieved accurate delivery of different premium content. In addition, the big content not only contains video content, but also education, travel, shopping malls, health, games and other content. In fact, CoolOpen has always been an "unconventional" Internet TV company with platform-based operations as the core, and doing hardware terminals is a basic service for CoolCube. Cool open is in the forefront of the industry in terms of platform operations. In 2011, it launched the first television system, which has become China's largest television operating system. So far, CoolOpen has the largest 16 million user base in the country, and monthly active users have exceeded 8 million.

Mstar Aurora 6A938 chip

In addition to HiFi sound quality and large content, A2 series television has a bright spot is the hardware configuration. It is equipped with the current domestic best self-definition television processor Mstar 6A938 processor, this chip was released in March this year, the morning star, performance than the previous generation 6A928 raised the horror of 86%, bringing the fluency is self-evident. Cool open A2 series television is divided into three sizes, respectively 50, 55 and 65, our Zhongguancun Online this time get the evaluation model is 50. After an effective deep experience, we will bring you detailed product evaluation.

Cool open 50A2 TV appearance

Cool open 50A2 out of the box evaluation: equipped with JBL sound responsible for you

Cool open 50A2 TV made a comprehensive innovation in design language, and the product was designed by the Red Dot Supreme Award industrial design team. After the cool and iconic decorations such as linen and walnut, they introduced a highly recognizable metal front face that was very personal. At the same time the body is also made of metal material, the overall look is very stylish. As the center of home entertainment, TV also has a great influence on the whole home style. The design of Coocaa 50A2 TV can definitely improve the overall style of the living room.

Cool open 50A2 TV positive whole

Metal front face

Traditional TVs generally dissipate heat through the bottom, but continued heating causes the screen itself to deform. Cool open 50A2 TV uses a metal front face piercing to help dissipate heat while also reinforcing the bottom to make it less prone to deformation. This metal front face not only looks very damp, but also can block moisture vapor and dust from entering, so that the life of the TV is well protected.

Metal frame

Ultra-thin body thickness

At present, the size of televisions is developing toward the big screen. To make products full of technology sense while saving space, the overall thickness of the body has to be worked hard. In addition to having a fashionable front face, the Cool Open 50A2 TV has a slim figure. The thickness of the body of the TV is only 9.9mm, and it can be called a slim body, which is equivalent to the thickness of iPhone6.

Cool open 50A2 TV base

Cool open 50A2 back overall and details

Reinforced metal back plate

The back of the Coolo 50A2 TV uses a rib design, which is exactly the same as that of the Samsonite suitcase. Under the premise of ensuring the slimness and lightness of the metal back plate, the reinforcing ribs made him extremely strong. The whole piece of metal is easily bent under the protection of a non-reinforced rib, and the rib design combines both design and practicality.

Interface configuration

In terms of interface, Coolopen 50A2 TV also provides users with a wealth of choices, including two sets of USB3.0 interface, the basic network port and AV input and output ports are also available. At the same time, the TV is also equipped with three sets of HDMI2.0 interfaces. Compared with the HDMI 1.4 interface, the 2.0 interface expands the bandwidth to 18 Gbps. At the same time, a TF card slot is also provided at the bottom of the frame, so that the user can easily perform plugging and unplugging. Generally, it can meet the external needs of most users.

Cool open 50A2 TV remote control

The cool open 50A2 TV remote control adopts a simple 11-key design, and it is easy to get started. After using for a period of time, you can easily achieve blindness. This remote control did not continue to open the tradition of having three remote controls. Personally I think that one TV remote control would be enough, but it would be more troublesome. The overall remote control grip is still very good, simple buttons and modest pressure provides an excellent touch.

Cool open 50A2 TV speakers

Coolo 50A2 TV adopts JBL custom-supplied 8-unit speaker program, 2 silk film tweeters, 2 neodymium magnets mid-woofer speakers and 4 subwoofers. In addition, the cool open A2 also has a TI TAS5766 power amplifier chip that can drive up to 100 watts. This set of sounds was repeatedly adjusted by the team of 18 gold ear experts and reached the A level of JBL. The actual sound curve is close to the JBL Thousand Yuan Sound Charge2+.

JBL bass radiator

JBL original 8 unit crossover speaker

The size of the sound cavity is also a key indicator of sound quality. At present, television products are developing towards light and thin, but the sound effects are getting worse and worse. The volume of the sound system directly determines the sound quality. Cool open 50A2 TV audio system volume is about 600mL, is 5 times the volume of ordinary TV audio. This has to be thanks to the metal front face design, which hides the sound and effectively expands the volume of the sound, which is also the implementation of cool open functional aesthetics.

TV back Sound Bar

As we all know, the speakers of general TV products are backwards or downwards. The directionality of the voice is very strong. It is like a person who speaks back to you. It is very difficult to restore the nature of sound and even the inaudible situation. Cool open 50A2 TV speakers groundbreaking sound through the front face, allowing users to hear the sound more clear and translucent. However, the seemingly simple change of sound is actually a superposition of cost and technology.

TV bottom Bluetooth

Turn on audio mode

Turn Bluetooth stereo

There is a Bluetooth button in the bottom left corner of the TV bottom frame. After pressing this function button, the TV will send out a Bluetooth signal. Users can use the mobile phone or other playback equipment to play music. During the playback process, the TV screen will be automatically closed. In this way, the TV becomes a Bluetooth player, which is very convenient to use. At the same time, the JBL audio carried by the TV can bring a good sound quality.

Cool open 50A2 TV operating system

Cool open 50A2 TV equipped with a new upgraded Cool open 5.2 operating system, this operating system based on Android 6.0 depth customization. We mentioned earlier that the TV is equipped with Mstar's flagship 6A938 chip, so it is well protected in terms of fluency. The main interface is still headed by the film and television center. It adopts a horizontal layout. The direction keys of the TV remote control can be used to operate. Every time the remote control issues an instruction, there is no need to wait, and the response is very rapid.

System main interface

The main interface is centered on the film and television center. It adopts a horizontal layout. The main functions are all displayed on the interface. The remote control's direction keys can be used to operate. It is very simple and easy to understand. Users who have not used the cool open system can also do it. It's easy to get started. At the same time, a custom function is also set on the right side of the film center. Users can add applications that are often open at the same time. It is very user-friendly and easy to set up.

Cool open system 5.2

We all know that the cool open system updates very quickly, and we release the beta version for users to experience and upgrade every week. At the same time Coocaa also allows users to participate in it, according to the user's suggestions or use habits to improve. At the same time, the latest official version of Coolopen System 5.5 will be released immediately. It is reported that the main interface style will be very refreshing, and the icons will be further updated. The personalized setup function will be more extensive and comprehensive, let us look forward to.

TV school desktop

Cool open 50A2 TV also allows users to create a personalized TV desktop, TV desktop can be based on the user's use of common software to add to the desktop. Personalize custom add modules to use your TV as well as your own desktop. Users only need to press the "Cool" button on the remote control to reach the TV desktop directly. If you are a "lazy person", then just putting all the required APPs here is enough.

TV app

Mobile phone remote control

The television camp believes that users who have used CoolTV are already familiar with it. In the hidden menu on the left side of the main interface, we can find the TV application. Through the two-dimensional code on the page we can download the TV school application, it supports IOS and Android and other mobile terminals. The use of the TV school app can realize that the video on the mobile phone can be directly put into the TV. At the same time, we can also control the TV through the mobile phone. The basic fast-forward and fast-backward, sound adjustment can be achieved.

Cool open 50A2 TV content

The content is the advantage of Kuokai 50A2 TV. Unlike the previous products, this A2 TV uses the GITV Central Galaxy Internet TV platform, which contains a large number of genuine video resources and high-definition drama series. At the same time, Coocaa also cooperated with iqiyi+coocaa joint laboratories to jointly research and develop video content from video capture, codec and HCDN transmission to provide the best OTT TV big screen experience. At the same time, all users who purchased Coocaa TV will have 2 years of Kiwi VIP content and enjoy the latest movies.

Movie resources main interface

Channel classification

Kiwi VIP charging standard

Cool open 50A2 television coverage of film and television resources can be said to be very comprehensive, while TV also comes with two years TV version iQIYI members. The current movie content has exceeded 6,000, 1,300 TV shows, 1,100 variety shows, and 1,700 animations. The "Mermaid," "Macau Storm 3," and "Crazy Animal City," which appeared this year, all appeared in the movie list. TV shows are equally rich in content. The mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, and South Korea have no regional restrictions, and the current television hit TV series "Best Us" can be updated simultaneously. Variety programs are also full of "Challenger League", "Come on the Champ" and other hot variety shows can be updated simultaneously.

Cool Open Education Center

Beva Songs

Education is an eternal topic. In the education center that cools on the 50A2 TV, it provides a learning space for children, and it is also an encyclopedia with massive information. From infants and young children all the way to the career search encyclopedia, they are tailored for real people of different ages. At the same time, parents can also watch educational materials for children here to help children grow better. Basically all of this rich content is free content.

Children's exclusive desktop

Need to answer questions when exiting the desktop

Cool open 50A2 TV sets up a children's exclusive desktop. From the above interface, we can see that the icons and resources have changed, and the layout style is relatively more cartoonish. Here kids can watch cartoons, watch educational videos, and create special zones for children. During the testing process, a very interesting design was found. It was necessary to answer an arithmetic question when exiting so that children could not see what they should not see.

Cool open Mall

Global Shopping

CoolChang Mall provides users with a large amount of product information. In addition to daily necessities, there are food, fitness products, and household items that can be selected without leaving the home. It is very convenient. At the same time, Global Shopping also recommends high-quality products for users. Since its inception, it has used high-quality resource backgrounds, differentiated channel positioning, and pioneering innovations in many fields to break many industry records and establish a good reputation recognized both inside and outside the industry. + The dual nature of "shelf" has rapidly grown to become a leader in China's TV shopping industry.

Let's go

Game testing

In the process of the game, the overall performance is still very smooth, which must benefit from the strong hardware support of Coocaa 50A2. Most of the cool bar games are based on Android games, and the categories are also very rich. In the cool bar, users can freely download the game software they like to play. At the same time, the games in the Cool Tour also have a variety of gameplay methods. The handles, remote controls, and somatosensory props are all supported. Below the game icons there are also descriptions of the types that can be operated.

Kukai Travel Center

Cool travel

In the tourism center, users can search for a good place to play around according to their area, and also can search for popular tourist areas in China, refer to travelers' travel tips and strategies, and can also purchase corresponding tickets. What's even more interesting is that users can upload their own photos and moods at any time during the journey to the TV in their home and share the fun with their loved ones. These contents bring a lot of convenience to users who want to travel.

At the same time, the company launched a new customized travel program called “Cool Travel”, and this time the extended service can bring users different feelings. It will plan the user's itinerary based on the current hot spots, allowing users to experience the charm of the movie more closely to the filming location.

Music centre

In the cool open music platform, the page is designed with different categories and recommended content. At the same time, users can also download QQ music and other music platform APP. No matter which style of music program you like, you can search in this platform. At the same time here also provides users with a large number of lossless music, Braun K song APP allows users to experience the experience in the KTV, cool open microphone launched built-in massive music library, can make the living room transformed into a professional KTV room.

Cool open 50A2 TV display technology test

As a TV product, quality performance must be a top priority. We can also see that since the last two years, there have been innovative display technologies. 4K, HDR, OLED and Quantum dots have gradually matured, and the color TV industry seems to have returned to the development path with display technology as the core. TVs are the core of living room entertainment. After CRT, rear projection, plasma, and LCD TVs, which are now mainstream in the market, the evolution of each generation of products marks the upgrading of television technology.

4K color engine

4K has almost become the standard for new TV products. Cool open 50A2 TV adopts a true 4K panel with a resolution of 38402160, which can provide users with good visual enjoyment. At the same time, Cool Open also added a 4K e-color engine to the TV. After the chip algorithm performs real-time compensation and filling of noise on the screen, it effectively reduces noise. At the same time Advance Color color enhancement technology allows users to display real colors when shopping online, to avoid buying the wrong color situation.

Automatically identify HDR source

HDR video measurement

HDR video measurement

HDR video measurement

HDR is a display technology developed by major TV manufacturers this year. The principle of the technology is analyzed through algorithms in the light and dark areas to achieve deeper dark areas without losing details. Brighter areas are brighter and make the environment more realistic. That is, we often say high dynamic range images. The Cool Open 50A2 TV fully supports HDR, while the content platform's HDR resources are also very rich, and the point-to-point restore is the most realistic picture. At the same time, the 50A2 TV can also automatically identify the HDR source. When playing, it will prompt that the HDR movie is playing.

MEMC dynamic compensation

MEMC is also a very popular display technology. Cool open A2 TVs are equipped with a high-performance motion compensation algorithm. A compensation frame is added between two frames to effectively eliminate the jitter and smearing of the screen and improve the clarity of the dynamic image. 2016 is undoubtedly a major sports year. Major sports events such as the European Cup, the America’s Cup and the Olympic Games will be held this year, and MEMC technology will not appear trailing and jittery when watching high-speed sports such as game games. Sports events.

Cool open 50A2 TV local test

Local testing is also a key part of the evaluation. This is not only a test of the decoding capability of the TV, but also a test of the TV chip and picture quality. Coolo 50A2 TV adopts H.265 video decoding technology. Compared with the original H.264 decoding technology, the loading time can theoretically be shortened by 50%, and the movie can be watched more smoothly and clearly under the same bandwidth condition. And for the current mainstream MKV, AVI, RMVB, MP4, MOV and other video formats can be successfully played.

4K image test

4K image test

4K image test

The decoding and fluency of 4K files also have strict requirements for TV chips. The brain of the cool-on 50A2 TV Mstar 6A938 uses the best Cortex A72 at present, and the core engine that drives the brain is the MStar Core Turbo. This is Star's research and development for TV. True multicore drive engine. The GPU is equipped with ARM's latest Mali T820. Under 4K conditions, the game and interactive UI can be up to 60fps, and the control is very smooth. There is currently DDR4, which has just been used by the industry, with 96-bit memory data transmission bandwidth, 2.4Ghz frequency, and a total bandwidth of 28.8G. It provides a 4K content processing and graphic computing highway for data transmission.

To be cool, the quality of the TV must be good enough. Aurora 6A938 is specially designed for the characteristics of Internet video, specially developed 臻 color engine, debounce function, anti-noise function, advanced color processing, and HDR high dynamic range support, enabling users to get a better experience when watching Internet OTT video . Aurora 6A938 supports global mainstream 4K encoding formats such as HEVC, VP9, ​​H264, and so on. It integrates MStar's exclusive patented Super decoding technology Ultra-VDEC, and even provides two-way multi-channel decoding capabilities, providing an experience for future OTT video. More possibilities.

4K video test

4K video test

4K video test

Through actual tests, Cool Open 50A2 TV did not show any Karton when playing 4K pictures and videos. The details of the screen were clear and accurate. When playing 4K video, there was no occurrence of smearing or delay. Even when playing a high-speed motion picture, the performance was still excellent enough, fuzzy ghosting and other issues did not appear.

Evaluation summary:

Cool open 50A2 TV as the main push product of the new A2 series, in all aspects have a good performance. Appearance by the Red Dot Extreme Award industrial design team surgeon, ultra-thin all-metal body more concise and generous, the first television field "families" front face design. The JBL A-Class audio onboard the TV can bring a more shocking listening experience. In terms of image quality, a variety of innovative display technologies have been added. HDR, MEMC, and a new image quality processing engine have made the screen excellent in terms of definition, color reproduction, and accuracy. The flagship Mstar 6A938 is equipped with a powerful heart to the TV, ensuring smooth operation. The new CoolOpen System 5.2 has made great improvements in ease of use and personalization.

Cool open 50A2 TV

At present, under the fierce competition of Internet TV, the overall environment has shown an impetuous situation. Allocation, price, content, etc. have almost all been played badly. Cool open is to find a new breakthrough mode, professional hardware and high-quality content, through professional hardware will be a perfect presentation of quality and content to the user, truly create a HiFi content TV. At present, the price of the Cool Open 50A2 TV is 3,499 yuan. If you are a user who is seeking audio and video effects and high-quality content services, then the Cool Open 50A2 TV is a good choice.

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