4K smart TV how to choose? Five easy to buy elements to solve!

Have you ever had such an illusion? Want to go home early after work on Friday, snuggle with your girlfriend on the sofa to relive an old movie you once met while you are dating, talk about work life; you want to watch a funny movie and listen to your child in the living room on weekends. Listen to her children's rhetoric; want to open party mode at home, board games, somatosensory games and endless cocktails. Is it expected that such a product will change its immutable life in the future, bringing freshness and happiness. The advent of the Nut Laser Television S1 will satisfy you these good wishes.
After the introduction of Nut Laser TV S1, a hot topic was raised in the industry. This is not just because it has a strong configuration and is only available for such a low price of 16,999 yuan. More still is the strength of the nut S1 as a whole, it is really exciting place. Obviously nuts S1 already has the meaning of the leader of the laser projection industry.

Compared with the traditional Super TV, Nut S1 meets the user's pursuit of a large screen, its maximum size up to 300 inches, and the size can be adjusted, which is equivalent to you buy a variety of TVs can be converted in different sizes, and the price Only 16,999 yuan, much cheaper than those smart super TVs. In appearance design, it uses a fish-shaped design rich in Chinese characteristics, full of sense of craftsmanship, like an ornament, perfectly integrated with the living room. And it saves the huge, awkward display of traditional TVs, and requires only a wall to enter the ultimate cinematic experience.

Actually, laser television has long been known. For example, LG, Guangfeng and Hisense all released their own laser televisions. However, because the optical machines and the core components are all dependent on foreign imports, the pricing is generally high and the average family is hard to bear. The maximum size of the nuts S1 is 300 inches, which is much larger than that of a general laser television. The price of nuts S1 is also very close to the people, currently only need 16999 yuan to start.

Nut Laser TV S1 is equipped with a three-primary laser light source, which has a wider color gamut and is more excellent in the color rendering of the screen. Laser light sources provide higher brightness and longer life than traditional light sources and LED light sources. The ultra-high brightness of 3,500 ANSI lumens does not make the projected picture appear blurred in the daytime. Especially if the user configures a light-resistant screen, the picture is still clearly visible under the influence of strong external light. Consumers can watch HD movies at home from time to time.

At the same time, Nut S1 is based on its own research and development of the OS system, built a user experience as the core content of the ecology. Up till now, nuts have integrated iQIYI, V-Movie, Douban, Yinyuetai and other high-quality resources. Breaking the traditional classification and constructing more influential scenes, such as travel notes, music collections, love seasons, music slimming camps, and boutique photo albums, create scene-based user viewing experiences that will make users no longer Insufficient resources and trouble. The Nut S1 is also equipped with HIFI speakers and 3D viewing, allowing users to experience the sensational sensation of sitting in a movie theater without leaving home.

Nut S1 has rich content support

The advent of the Nut S1 as a catalyst generally stimulates the development of the Chinese laser television industry. The allocation of force to the people and the price of the people will make it possible for ordinary families to have it. With nuts S1, you will save yourself the trouble of going to the cinema to queuing up. At home, you can enjoy the visual shock of the movie theater as well as your loved ones, family members or friends. You can always enjoy your own good time. It must be said that Nut Laser TV S1 will undoubtedly become an essential choice for building a private theater.

With the exclusive large screen, the addition of lasers makes the Nut S1 a dream maker for the two-person imaging world. With the Nut S1, users no longer have to go to crowded cinemas. The advantages of Nut S1 are obvious. The autofocus screen is sharp; the short-focus projection is oversized; the HiFi audio and 3D viewing bring shocking audio-visual experience. The online movie watching is also in line with the young people's viewing methods, and the system resources are rich. Kind of big picks. It is not a dream to create a shocking family entertainment center with the achievement of a private exclusive cinema.

Nut TV S1 users can refer to the tutorial: Nut S1 Installation Method Install a sofa butler to expand third-party applications.

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