Xilinx acquires Auviz Systems, the battle between FPGA and GPU is finally about to begin

Today, Xilinx announced the acquisition of Auviz Systems, a shocking industry intelligence community.

Auviz Systems focuses on accelerating applications in data centers and embedded systems and has accumulated technology in the direction of convolutional neural networks. Its technical expertise is FPGA implementation, machine learning, vision algorithms, etc. It provides the industry with FPGA-based middleware IP to reduce the power consumption of applications.

The FPGA can be integrated into the processor product as a GPU-like acceleration technology. Unlike the traditional chip, the FPGA chip can be reprogrammed according to different scenarios (such as data encryption) after the FPGA chip is shipped, making the operation speed much faster than Intel. Xeon and other conventional microprocessors. FPGA chips have great advantages in supporting artificial intelligence such as Siri and Cortana. In addition, FPGA chips have been widely used in the Internet of Things in recent years , especially the core technology supporting the Internet of Things—communication base stations.

Xilinx is the world's largest FPGA manufacturer, and its products occupy nearly 50% of the market share in the communications market. It is the overlord in the wireless market semiconductor devices and cable market. With the acquisition of Auviz Systems, Xilinx can leverage the latter's technological advantages in data centers and convolutional neural networks to enable FPGAs in the field of artificial intelligence.

Xilinx’s biggest competitor, Altera , was acquired by Intel for $16.7 billion in June of last year. This is Intel’s largest acquisition ever. After acquiring FPGA giant Altera, Intel began to consider new technology applications beyond GPU and become indirectly competitive with Xilinx.

Interestingly, Auviz Systems has been working very well with Altera to provide FPGA-related technologies. Industry sources said that this acquisition is likely to make Altera and Xilinx become allies, both representing the artificial intelligence FPGA chip camp, Intel is a GPU chip camp. Seeing the battle of FPGAs and GPUs is approaching, Intel is playing a very important role in this and the balance will change at any time due to Intel.

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