Distressed! In 10 cases, you will lose the expensive AirPods

Apple released the wireless headset AirPods! It can be played as soon as it is put into the ear. It will be paused when it is removed. Is it cool?

However, the cool stuff is bound to be a bit expensive, the National Bank version of a set of 1288 yuan, regardless of a sale. And the biggest danger of this wireless, two independent small earplugs is that it's easy to lose.

Regardless of what you sell, if you lose one, you have to buy two. The brain makes up for the netizens who bought AirPods on the Internet: Recently AirPods lost his right ear, which friend lost his left ear and bought a pair together. ? (Lei Feng network (search "Lei Feng network" public concern) feel will be born a social app it ...

Now let's foresee what scenes your AirPods will lose:

I didn’t hold it on my hand and fell off the ground, and then I couldn’t find it (or accidentally slam it).

The ass accidentally sat on one and crushed

Eaten by your Wang Xingren

When I listened to Wang Feng, I was so excited that my head swayed and a headset flew out.

Shaking out while running

When you put your head in your second earphone, the other did not fall steadily and fell into the sewer seam.

Stuck in the sofa

When you wash your dishes, drop into a sink full of detergent bubbles

When you hug a bear boy, the baby tries to grab one of your headphones and throws it away. (The last thing you love most is the glasses.)

Put together with Note 7 exploded

. . . .

In short, waiting for the AirPods to lose the piece should be very happy.

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