Millet TV box 3 enhanced version of the unboxing test worth upgrading or new purchase?

The millet box is one of the TV boxes we often use most often.

Xiao Bian recently purchased a new millet TV box 3 enhanced version to update my existing millet box 3 . Below to share with you out of the box and the overall use of feelings!

In general, televisions have a relatively long life cycle, and they are not as frequently replaced as mobile phones, because choosing a reliable television box as a complement to existing television has become a lot of consumer experience. The common way of smart TV.
At the same time, all kinds of programs have been watched through the installation of third-party applications. It is also the most common way that many consumers use TV boxes. Therefore, all kinds of TV box products can basically be similar in terms of common functions and gradually become homogenized. Many people consider nothing more than appearance, performance and price when choosing a box product!
However, the SARFT further strengthened the control and control of TV boxes, and tightened the policy on third-party applications, making the original live TV box market return to the winter break. So far, few new products have been launched.
The enhanced version of the millet box was released under such a big background. As the latest product of the millet box, its appearance and performance have changed, and the price is more than 100 yuan for the millet TV box 3, so this new product and What is the difference between the old money? What kind of new experience can it bring?
The following Xiao Bian to share the difference between products and use experience:

First of all, the overall appearance of the enhanced version of Xiaomi Box 3 has changed from black to white, and it has improved a lot from the face value. At the same time, the obvious difference is that the body is thicker than the previous generation. What causes this? ?

The technology dog ​​had a simple dismantling and discovered the mystery. In addition, a fan and an active cooling module were added to the enhanced version of the millet box. Before that, there was almost no Android network center set-top box or TV box. Use a similar design. The following figure shows the specific configuration of the millet box 3 enhanced version:

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Pre-record sound chip

Sound module,Recordable sound module:

Ningbo AST Industry Co.,Ltd has 17 Years Experiences to produce the Recordable sound module, sound module, sound chip, voice module, recordable sound chip,Musical module and other electronic modul. we can assure you of competive price,high quality,prompt delivery and technology supporting.

1. Sound Module Application:

Sound Module is one kind of electronic product which mainly applied for Greeting cards,Christmas cards, promotion gifts, kids books, newspapers, magazines or other products which have sounds.

2. Sound Module Classification:

We can produce different sound modules which have different functions:

A. Pre-record Sound Module ----The clients will provide their sound files to us as MP3 or Wav Format,Then we programme them into the Sound module,it will play the customized message.

The sound file can be from 1second to 480seconds

B. Recordable Module ---also called Self-recording sound chip,we can record our own messages and playback them. Of course,the message can be erased and re-recorded.

Recording time:6seconds,10seconds,20seconds,30seconds,60seconds,90seconds,120seconds,180seconds etc

C. Melody module --Which can play the Melody of the Happy Birthday,Merry Christmas,Slient Night and so on.

D. USB MP3 Module ---We Can download the songs,musics,sentences,voice,advertising language from PC directly. Which support SD Cards,TF Cards,U Disk and FM.LCD Display also can be made

E. Programmable Voice Module --Also can be called DIY Sound Chip,We provide the software and Programable Machine and the Clients can be programmed them at their office,factory or Home. Which is much suitable to small order quantity,but Prompt delivery order.

F. Waterproof Music Module --which usually are used by Children Cloths,Kids'Bib ,attract the children's attention or Sing the children's songs.

3. Sound Quality:Clearly and Loudly ( 16Khz Sampling Rate)

4. Activated way:

1) Pull String -- Pull the string to activate the sound.

2) Slide tongue,usually was used by greeting cards,open the cards,it will play the message automatically.

3) Push buttons--press the button to play the message/audio/music

4) Light sensor,usually was used by Gift box,newspaper. Open the Box or newspaper to play the message

5) vibration sensor,Move or shake it to play the customized audio

6) shadow sensor,if somebody walks front it,it will play the message.

7) Motion sensor,usually was used by Pop Display, advertising board and so on.when somebody walks front it,it will play the message.

8) PIR (Infrared sensor),usually was used by Pop Display, advertising board and so on.when somebody walks front it,it will play the message.

5. Long Lifespan

6. Speaker:21mm,27mm,29mm,36mm,40mm,57mm etc. Plastic or Metal

7. Battery:AA, AAA, AG13, AG10, AG3 and so on environmental

8. PCB available: customize size or our existed standard size

9. PCB:Customized Size (OEM or ODM) or our existed standard size

10. Certification:CE ,Rohs

11. Export to: USA, UK,Canada,Germany, Turkey,Russia,Poland,Switzerland,Netherland ,Frence Hungary ,Australia,New Zealand, Brazil, Columbia,Argentina,Thainland,Singapore , Malaysia and so on

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