This is the world's first smart reverse osmosis water purifier can also remind you to drink water

Tencent Digital (Compiler: Bear) water purifier is a common household appliance in our home, and now it has become a new goal of IoT technology coverage. And now it is claimed that it is the world's first WaterO reverse osmosis intelligent water purification on Indiegogo.

As the world’s first smart water purifier, WaterO can display the current status of drinking water filtration on a smartphone after networking, and also remind the owner to regularly drink water.

WaterO uses a desk-top design, eliminating the need for access to complex drainage systems and installation costs, which means we can place WaterO anywhere in the home.

WaterO's exterior design is simple and modern, while at the same time there is a very complicated process inside. From an appearance point of view, WaterO does not have any exposed pipes, faucets or electrical components, and it looks very futuristic.

Unlike other products where the filtration efficiency is low, WaterO uses three parts of the water source to inject the two filtration systems. This means that the waste caused by the filtration is not excessive, and it can also be used for watering.

WaterO uses a unique water recovery system that filters every drop of water that enters the interior, and has a 267% higher output rate than other reverse osmosis filters.

WaterO's internal water tank capacity is 3 liters, and the filtered water output rate reaches 75% to 80%, which is 30% higher than the industry's credential level.

How, if you have this WaterO smart water purifier at home, not only can you drink clean and healthy water, but you can also use it to remind yourself and your child to drink plenty of water, which is definitely a healthy butler at home.

At present, WaterO has completed crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and the crowdfunding price is 399 US dollars (about 2660 yuan), which is currently shipped worldwide. Interested friends may wish to pay attention.

Source: Indiegogo

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EvoTec High Voltage Generator

EvoTec High Voltage Generator

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