Five technical frameworks of IoT products help smart homes

The technical framework is often presented only to understand the problem, and there is no fixed standard and no strict boundaries. For example, in the networking components of the product part, there are also components and communication protocols for network connections.

Five technical frameworks of the Internet of Things to help popularize smart homes

An understanding of the technical architecture will help to master the technology at the holistic level. The architecture here is based on the new technology architecture of the Internet of Things proposed by Michael Porter and James Hepman. Therefore, it is not limited to smart home products , but also can be used for other smart products. use.

a. Product part

Technically, the product includes both hardware and software. The hardware includes: the original physical components of the device, intelligent components (sensors, processors, data storage devices, control devices), networking components (interfaces, antennas, network connection modules, network connection protocols). The software part includes: operating system, software application, user interaction system. More details on the sensor will be given in Section 2.2. In addition, in the framework of this book, the product is divided into two parts: technology and experience, which is divided from the user's contact level. The lowest level of technology that can be seen by users and seen as experience and not accessible to users is the technology introduced in this chapter.

b. Interconnected part

Unlike Michael's point of view, networked devices such as gateways and routers are also attributed to this part, and the network connection protocol is not only limited to communication between the product and the product cloud, but also includes direct communication between the product and the product. In addition, the communication protocol will be introduced in more detail in Section 2.3.

c. Product cloud part

The product cloud consists of three parts: product database, application platform, and intelligent application platform. The product database is the lowest level of data storage, and it is necessary to realize the storage and management of real-time data and historical data. The application platform is to realize the intelligent function of the product foundation through the utilization of the product database, and also includes the connection with the smartphone APP. The intelligent application platform is an intelligent control center that adopts big data analysis technology, including some intelligent rule bases to achieve high-level intelligent management, and can be connected with business systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management). . In addition, the synchronization of data will be introduced in Section 2.4.

d. Identity and security architecture

For the user, including the authentication of the user identity and the authorization management of the device. For system administrators, including the rights management of the background system and the rights management of the cloud platform. For example, when encountering a technical failure, how to authorize engineers and customer service personnel, and manage the data range and operation authority they view.

e. External data source

External data source refers to the interface of external data, including weather, traffic, geographic location and other information. Among them, including some open data, you need to access the system through the API. In addition, it is worth mentioning the two concepts of SDI< and API. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of developers for developers to open.

A tool for sending programs. For example, the Android SDK is an application for developing Android systems. The API (Application Programming Interface) is a library of functions used to allow other programs under the same platform to call other functions. For example, you need to embed a map service on your own website to use the map provider's API. Usually there are some APIs in the SDK.

To sum up, it is necessary to make clear that the technical framework is often proposed only to understand the problem, and there is no fixed standard or strict boundary. For example, in the networking components of the product part, there are also components and communication protocols for network connections.

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