Betta's top-notch tattoo show is not as good as the “Fish Le Night Scene”.

On the evening of September 29, Betta will launch the second phase of "Fish Night Scene" heavily during prime time. Did the highlights of the previous high-energy comedy still make you memorable? There will be more unexpected surprises waiting for you in this issue! By then, not only will there be new big God-level anchors, they will also dress up in the hottest trends of the day and perform a hot tattoo event. The new barrage mode is about to start. Are you ready?

New guest lineup exposure, surprises
It is learnt that the new guest who joined this year will be able to say that they have special skills. There are Guanyinqiao, a professional tattoo artist who “makes lines” and “patterns” unbroken. The whole year is full of Tiger mushroom “patterns” of the Taiwan sister mushroom year, and a generation of “pattern” 豪皮皮 from Shanghai, without any “mark”. The bear teacher and the gritty Blues who make people "grain" will form the best CP partner for this week's show. Of course, the outstanding performance of the previous show, such as dog brothers, cream ice cubes, and stone star anchors will once again participate in this round of night show, telling you what is called a hundred "pattern" is better than a see!

Tattoo constellation big secrets, teach you how to move peach
In addition to the guests' expectation, interesting questions such as the tattoo quiz and the 12 constellation tattoo tactics will bring laughter and share some interesting gossip that you have never heard of. It will be a blessing for everyone.

Most worth mentioning is that there will be mysterious tattoo masters coming to the scene. By telling the unknown tattoo tales, the anchors dug deep into their hidden personalities and fully exposed the unknown secrets of the host. And the master will also personally teach you to tell everyone where tattoos are tattooed and how to use tattoos to identify people.

Front high energy game, unstoppable blush

The hip-hop, wrestling and fighting games in the show are also a must. According to the program's brain damage management plan, this will give everyone a creative guest challenge game such as “Let me guess and guess”, “It's better to dance” and “Icicle music”. It is definitely more exciting than the previous issue. eye. The penalty section after the game is over will also make you hooked. If you see a group of anchor seconds killing Matt, don't be surprised. They haven't been tortured. It's just a small punishment. Those peculiar stylings and weird tattoos are definitely testing whether you're the true lover.

Lastly, the 45-minute video of the first clip of the "Fish Live Night Live" program has been completed. Now open live channel 8 or click on the following video link to watch it. Those who missed the live broadcast can make up for it!

If you want to see a tattoo show that is open to the brain, you also want to listen to a ridiculous tattoo of gossip, and even want to participate in the most laughable tattoo game. Then on the evening of September 29, please lock your betta's Channel 8 and you will be waiting for you at the scene.
Concerned about the official microblogging WeChat microblogging, the first time to get betta fish dynamics, the first-hand news for you to master! Happy live, all in the betta streaming platform!

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