How do you catch the eyes of consumers when you open the spring sweeping goods?

At the dawn of the Spring Festival, the major e-commerce deliberately want to attract the attention of consumers, and take advantage of the fact that you have to make a good year to make a good profit, then what skills should you know to do online marketing? Compared to the physical business holding a big horn on the street, it seems that the network e-commerce has its own set of methodology and skills, then Xiaobian will reveal several common online marketing models for you? See if you can learn to use it!

One: Advertise on a website with a large traffic volume. We can find some platforms with large traffic to promote. This is equivalent to doing external links to our public platform. As far as possible, more users can discover our existence. This can help us. Attracted a lot of fans.
Second: merchant alliance promotion This is similar to the PC-side friendship link, we can cooperate with some public platforms with large traffic, you post an article at the bottom of the article plus people's WeChat, others post articles plus your WeChat, now This kind of alliance pushes a lot of ways, and the operation is relatively simple.
Three: interactive promotion We can put some small tests on our own public platform, such as putting a picture to let you find out how many kinds of animals, or the kind of red-packed games like Shuai WeChat marketing system, so that everyone can Active participation, these interactions can provoke everyone's curiosity, and after a lot of fun, many friends will forward it out, which can also bring us a lot of fans.
Four: Using WeChat distribution platform source code There are also many people who choose to use WeChat's WeChat distribution platform source code, which is bundled with the interests of fans, allowing users to actively help push, fission-type access to a large number of accurate users, this direct access is high The method of quality fans is now widely supported by merchants, and it is also a simple way to promote.
If promotion is like a branch, then internal management is the root of the tree. Only when the roots are deepened, the tree will grow more lush.
We have tried our best to promote the customer's attention to our own products. If there is no intrinsic thing worthy of appreciation, we can't let the customer have a comfortable shopping environment, and we can't start marketing work.
Five: high-end stores want customers to trust you, choose your products, you have to let users see your strength, even the best things on the stalls, sellers will feel that it is worthless fakes, the same thing put In the mall, everyone feels tall, spend more money and feel the value, roadside stalls and shopping malls, which one gives people a better shopping experience, I believe everyone understands, so want to do a good WeChat marketing, the mall is essential of.
Six: Accurately grasping customer information Once I saw a case, it was about the experience of a shopping mall in the United States. The diaper coupon was given to an unofficial girl. The girl’s father rushed to find the manager’s theory, and the result confirmed that the girl did. It was pregnant, and the manager discovered earlier than her father. It was not the father who lost his job, but the manager was more careful. It was really admirable to judge the girl’s needs from the girls’ shopping details. We only have mastered it. Customer information, integrate these data, targeted marketing.

Seven: Integrity management Since ancient times, it has attached great importance to the reputation of the business. It is very difficult to accumulate honesty, but it is very easy to destroy. It is also true that “good things don’t go out, bad things pass thousands of miles”, so businesses need to keep them whenever they want to A pure heart, for the sake of consumers, must not ruin the signs of their own painstaking efforts for the sake of temporary interests, it is more difficult to get trust again.

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