A higher level with NextVR? Facebook will launch VR sports broadcast

A higher level with NextVR? Facebook will launch VR sports broadcast from Baidu VR

Facebook is now increasingly moving toward a media company. The company expects to broadcast sports events in VR in the future.

Facebook's Dan Reed describes the big sporting events as "naturally social." He is responsible for the cooperation between Facebook and the organization and related leagues: "In the interactive environment of the stadium, basically the competition on the field is equally important." Their goal is to spread this experience to the world through digital means.

In order to achieve this goal, you need to use VR to provide a sense of presence. VR (virtual reality) "is still at a very early stage," but people can already feel its potential. You can watch a game with your friends, Reed said. “My father lives in Detroit. My best friend is in Dubai. We can sit together (in VR) and watch the game.”

However, Reed said that in order to watch the game online in a 360-degree environment, it still needs to overcome some technical difficulties.

VR glasses will be an important part of Facebook's long-term strategy of "connecting the world", such as in VR sports. “We think that VR is not only a novel experience, but also a powerful technology that can make people connect with each other.”

At present, the leading company in the field of VR live streaming is NextVR. The goal of the company is to provide a VR experience that perfectly matches reality. NextVR CEO Dave Cole said in an interview: “With NextVR, people will forget whether or not they are actually on the scene. We did the right thing.”

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