Magic Leap acquires Dacuda 3D division of computer vision company

Recently, Magic Leap acquired Dacuda's 3D scanning department. Dacuda is a computer vision company in Switzerland. The company has developed scanners that can be placed in pockets and is dedicated to the development of 3D SlAM technology. In 2016, the company released a demo video, put the iPhone 6 into the Zeiss VR One head display, and used their 3D SLAM Scan engine to enable mobile VR devices to perform deep detection of the surrounding environment for six-degree-of-freedom tracking.

Recently, Dacuda issued a statement on its official website confirming that the 3D department was acquired by Magic Leap and that the relevant staff will also become employees of Magic Leap. Dacuda CEO Peter Weigand said, "Dachuda's leading development in 3D scanning technology has given Dacuda a lot of attention. We have chosen a US high-tech company and look forward to leveraging our strengths in 3D."

The addition of the entire Dacuda 3D team to Magic Leap will help Magic Leap further expand its leadership in computer vision and deep learning technologies. Magic Leap's Swiss division will be led by Dacuda founder Alexander Ilic.

Dacuda can implement Inside-out technology on the mobile side, and it is clearly expected to help Magic Leap's products.


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