AfterShokz Sportz Titanium Bone Conductor Headphones

Since I met the Aunt, I have seen the original articles of the gods. I am very grateful and I especially want to share my shopping experience and help you.

Reasons to purchase

I remember when I first learned about bone conduction headphones in 2014, it seemed like a bone-conduction headset from Plantronics evoked my curiosity, but at the time I did not use the principle of not buying anything, and I didn't use it. However, it is actually planting grass in the heart.

At the end of 2015, we learned that several AfterShokz products were on sale in the market, but after visiting various forums to learn about the product's knowledge, we still did not know how to read the leak sound. While continuing to focus on bone conduction news, AfterShokz is also launching new products. In early 2016, Jingdong crowdfunded platform launched a crowdfunding campaign with Trekz titanium bone conduction headphones, early bird price 598, Unfortunately, at that time, it was not concerned about the activities on the crowdfunding platform. It was not until the end of the event that the information was known. It was only necessary to look at the official website's normal price of 898 yuan. In this case, I always felt a loss. . . The bone conduction headset is planned to be put on hold again.

After this time, the news of bone conduction continues to follow. In early 2017, we noticed that Taobaozhong had raised a bone-conducting headset in crowdfunding, and did not hesitate to place orders and contributed a lot. However, after receiving the headset, I immediately regretted purchasing the goods. The details are described below. After experiencing this unpleasant shopping experience. I was reconsidering that, to know what state bone conduction headphones are now, we should look at the status of industry benchmarks. On the eve of 2017 Valentine's Day, AfterShokz official Tmall shop all offer 50 yuan. The AfterShokz Sportz Titanium was tested with water.

AfterShokz AS451 Tibia Titanium Bone Conductive Headphones Sports Headphones with MIC398.00 RMB AfterShokz Sportz TitaniumTM Tmall Select Links

Appearance Gallery

The family portrait includes: A headset protector, a charging cable, a manual, a gift, and a lens cloth

experience feelings

Through the use of two days of use, do a personal evaluation of bone conduction function headphones.

First of all, if used under normal conditions (that is, when ordinary headphones listen to music), I think there is no difference, the sound quality does not feel bad. In the case of a normal sound volume, there is almost no sound leakage, and no sound can be heard beyond the probation of 20cm. In the normal conversation with family members, the family members said that they could not hear the music.

At night, go to the gym by bike and ride on the main road. The volume is increased. You can hear the clear music and the ambient sound. The material of the headphones is very good, flexible and flexible, and there is no noise on the clothes. Running in the gym can hear running sounds and music. It is completely smooth to talk with friends while lifting iron. Sports experience is good.

The next day listening to music to go to the supermarket to shop, even if the volume is too large to cover up the noisy environment of the outside world, then there will be a feeling of irritability with headphones.

Because of the purchase of a version with wheat. During a conversation with a friend, a new feature was discovered. Headphones function to reduce wind and dryness.

Mobile phone Huawei Mate7 The small icon on the left is the headphone drier. After clicking, it will switch between gray and blue. The friend said that he could hear me more clearly in the state of falling wind and dryness. . . I also do not understand. . .

Horizontal contrast

As mentioned above, AfterShokz Sportz TitaniumTM is my second bone conduction headset. The first bone conduction headset was purchased on Taobao Crowdfunding. On Taobao public to find information on this headset, looking for a long time, even if not, I was shocked, Jingdong crowdfunding after the success of the data is still there, ah, why Taobao will be deleted. . .

I can only find it in the transaction record. Fortunately, there are still records in the transaction record.

Trading snapshot bone conduction headset direct link

Before the earphones arrived, I was full of expectation. After all, the facial expressions seemed to be awesome, and I could save the songs without running out and carrying a mobile phone. . . Still too young ah This bone conduction headset to the hand, after using it once I hate it, this is not a bone conduction headphones, but the ears next to two small speakers hung, or the kind of sound quality. The kind of yearning for bone conduction headphones fell to the freezing point. At that time, it was decided to return the goods. The crowdfunded products can only be withdrawn, and the first payment (10%) is non-refundable. After half a month of waiting, the refund was finally successful.

It is very interesting that at the time of editing this article, not only did crowdfunding information for this headset not be found on Taobao, but after finding purchase information in all Taobao orders, the search business did not find the corresponding shop information. . And no one else, I secretly wondered if I met a fraud company. Fortunately, my refund was successful and I'm glad.

to sum up

The AfterShokz Sportz TitaniumTM is perfect for cycling, sports, and office environments.

The appearance is simple, generous, especially lightweight, texture, feel good, the texture of the wire is also very good; functional is very good to the standard, good positioning of sports headphones; sound quality is not very understand, that there is no problem with normal listening; The price is still cheaper and the audience will be more.

In addition, the battery block is close to the mobile phone jack, which is not very easy to handle, and it is very obstructive. Aftershock may consider the integration of the battery into the headset will be heavy, affecting the experience, but I feel it is better to integrate into the headset.


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