Beware of the yin and yang screen - DELL Dell P2217H monitor out of the box

Recently wanted to buy a small 21-inch DP screen with 1080P resolution. The smzdm website searched for original and assessment articles, and found no value-added articles on related products. Initially looking at the ViewSonic VG2253 model and Dell P2217H model, and finally because of Dell monitors to engage in promotions, they started P2217H. Now share the monitor's unpacking and experience with everyone.

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First, the basic parameters of the Dell P2217H monitor:

Visual size (diagonal): 21.5 inches

Screen ratio: 16:9

Panel Type: IPS

Maximum resolution: 1920 X 1080 60Hz

Screen response time (gray-to-gray): 6 ms

Maximum screen brightness (typical): 250 cd/m2

Display Interface: DP X1, HDMI X1, VGA X1, USB2.0 X2, USB3.0 X2

Second, Dell P2217H display out of the box:

The Dell P2217H monitor is packaged in a yellow leather case. As an old Dell monitor user, the previously purchased U2311H and U2312HM are packaged in yellow leather. P-series monitors that are positioned one level lower than the U-series use this package completely. Unfortunately, in the last two years, the Dell U series did not update the U series' 21.5-inch IPS screen display, so the P series can only be selected.

Open the package and find that it is packed full inside. The first thing that catches your eye is the display's cable, driver's disc, base and other accessories.

The above figure shows the installation instructions and driver CD of the monitor.

The monitor comes with a VGA video cable, USB 3.0 cable, DP video cable, and power cable.

Different from the previous VGA video cable, the attached VGA cable is changed from the general blue plug appearance to the full black appearance, but it also has a magnetic ring. It just looks cool.

The base of the display consists of two parts.

You need to assemble the two accessories of the base yourself.

Follow the attached installation instructions to insert the monitor arm into the base plate and tighten the handcuffs on the base.

The figure above shows the installation of the Dell P2217H monitor base.

The DELL logo on the base arm is also protected by a transparent sticker.

Underneath the accessory is the monitor screen itself.

As the previous profile appearance. The back of the monitor has a radian design that supports wall hanging. Let's take a look at the interface of the monitor.

With the exception of the two USB 3.0 connectors on the left side of the monitor, the monitor's other connectors are designed on the bottom of the back of the monitor. Above, from left to right are the HDMI interface, DP interface, VGA interface, USB3.0 uplink interface (blue, connect the host computer and monitor, connect the USB HUB and computer on the monitor) and two USB2.0 down Interface (black, connected to USB peripherals).

Dell P2217H monitor with two USB3.0 interface on the left, to meet the needs of high-speed data transmission of external storage devices.

The figure above shows the overall appearance of the Dell P2217H monitor after it has been installed. A strong business atmosphere!

Third, Dell P2217H monitor simple test:

First of all, turn on the brightness of the display, use the camera of the mobile phone to face the screen, did not find the PMW flicker phenomenon.

Next, use the three primary color real shots to display the screen.

The standard setting of the Dell P2217H display color will make the color slightly blue, and the blue ratio can be properly adjusted in the custom color. My last custom color was set to R:100, G:100, B:93.

The adjustment menu of the Dell P2217H monitor removes brightness, contrast, and color adjustments, and does not find any setting options for color temperature and GAMMA values ​​in the previous U series. Understand the difference between P series and U series.

The leak control of the Dell P2217H monitor is good. Normal use of the naked eye is not easy to detect light leakage. I adjusted the brightness of the monitor to 10% to meet the brightness requirements of daily use. At such low brightness, the effect of light leakage can be ignored.

Relative to light leakage, the yin and yang screen is the biggest problem that bothers me. As shown above, the upper half of the screen of my Dell P2217H monitor is yellowish, and the lower part is cool and white. This kind of color has little effect on watching videos and playing games, but it is a big time for daily web browsing. The general webpage is a white background. Using a full-screen web browser, you can clearly see the top half of the webpage is the yellow bottom, and the bottom half is white, which hurts the eye.

Fourth, Dell P2217H monitor use summary:

Dell P2217H display design work is acceptable, DP, HDMI and VGA interface combination also meets the needs of most computer users display interface. The built-in USB HUB function has only two USB 3.0 ports, but it is also convenient for laptop external monitor users. To summarize the advantages are:

1, no splash screen.

2, good control of color and light leakage.

3, with USB HUB function.

4, the screen can be rotated 90 degrees vertically.

At the same time, Dell P2217H display also has some shortcomings:

1, yin and yang screen! !

2, USB HUB only two interfaces are USB3.0 speed, the remaining two interfaces only USB2.0 speed.

3, the display menu adjustment items have been simplified.

With the prevalence of online shopping, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for on-site inspection and purchase. For a display or a product with a display screen, we must pay attention to check the display results when buying, after all, eye health is very important. Daily eye care should also pay attention to eye health, work and rest combined with good health!

This is the end of this box, thanks for watching!

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