# original innovator # SONY Sony SBH80 Bluetooth sports headset comparison Jabra Jabra SPORT ROX Rocky sports Bluetooth sports headset

Reasons to purchase

I am a 182 "little" fat. I have been imagining to lose weight to lose weight (Important things to think three times, haha), but it has been said that the world is invincible, when there is no power.

In the last six months, I've been fascinated by watching a variety of original evaluation texts in Aunt Zhang's. I'm very fond of Bluetooth headsets. I've been envious of all kinds of high-end headphones for you. After all, I'm also a music lover.

However, for a person who has just finished his job and is desperately waiting for her father and mother to eat their old man all day long, he could not afford the QC35, QC30, and 1000X.

So you can only go for weight loss, take a break, and buy a decent Bluetooth headset (everything is an excuse for everything)

Then began to find a variety of affordable sports Bluetooth headsets on Aunt Zhang (after all, poor!)

After a long period of understanding, observation, and comparison, 3 headsets were finally selected, the SBH80 of the widowers and the Bluetooth sports headset SPORT ROX of Jabra and the FIIL Carat of Wang Fengjia. And it's so tangled that which one to buy? Then I began to find a corresponding evaluation article on Aunt Zhang. Finally, I found that Wang Fengjia’s FIIL Carat had very few evaluation texts. It was not worth looking for for a long time, so I still gave it up.

And then there are two headsets left, because often in the East to buy things, so used to look at the above and found that the other two headphones can be 7 days unconditional refund (younger I never returned goods, because every time shopping It took a long time to wait for orders, after all, it was too poor, hahaha.)

So when I see this, I want to see if I can drill a loophole and both buy it back and try which one is right. The other one will go away (good intentions)

(PS: Because my Sony SBH80 was bought by a third-party buyer in a certain east, I was sorry to find another link in the East.)

Jabra SPORT ROX Rocky Sports Smart Bluetooth Sports Headphone with Sports Armband IP54 Waterproof and Dustproof White 529 Yuan Sound Quality Modeling Both Bluetooth Headset Jingdong Direct Links Encyclopedia

Sony SONY SBH80 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Stereo Noise Reduction Sports Edition NFC Waterproof Neck In Ear Earphone Black 495å…ƒ Jingdong Global Purchase Direct Link

Appearance Gallery

A certain east is fast, and the next day is

A certain East is fast, and the next day is just right. It is a bag. Nothing, no protection. At the time, my heart was crushed.

What's in the packaging is not much more elaborated

The packaging was simple, but because I couldn't find a suitable place to take pictures in my home warehouse, I went to the mahjong table in the dormitory.

Open the box with 3 pairs of ear flaps and 4 pairs of earbuds (with a pair on the headphones)

The headset looks pretty good, I bought it in white, although I know that I can easily stain it (Suffice to use it once I got dirty on hahaha)

Sony's this due to the fact that there is no direct operation in the East, so I found a third party, express delivery is naturally much slower, the third day!

This is not a bag, use a box!

There is no protection like geese, and I do not know what the confidence of businesses is. Anyway, I am afraid of fear. After all, I do not know if I will suffer internal injuries.

Chivalry novels see more)

The widower may be stingy, only 3 pairs of earplugs!

This is not the legendary NFC logo, but Apple does not seem to support it, anyway, I can not find! (Understanding God Trouble teaches me)

I don’t know if you can see that there are two white scratches in the area where I’m surrounded by red circles. I don’t know if it’s the plastic tray that holds the headphones or it’s used.

No matter. Start feeling the world of music!

experience feelings

See it, big fat one haha.

I don't know whether my ears are wonderful or not. Anyway, I feel that none of the 4 earbuds is comfortable, either too big or too small. Finally, I chose an intermediate size that would be enough.

Actually, this is my own way to photograph myself and see how the wings are attached. I didn't want to put it up so it looks a bit sick.

After adding the ear flaps, wearing a feeling of stability, trying to shake his head, and then I was dizzy and the headset did not affect! So when you are exercising, you are not afraid it will fall off.

SBH80, although the ear plugs are relatively small, but I found a comfortable to wear, and the main body of the headset (that collar) did not feel when you try to jump a few will not say I felt it and it was because of the collar that caught my neck (yes, it was caught!), but I didn't feel any discomfort!

Use experience

Because I want to distinguish with the above, but do not know how to play a good title, so I used this (strange my pupils writing style)

Jabra SPORT ROX Sports Edition

Jabra's headphones, when worn, will have a noticeable stethoscope feeling. Even when walking, they will feel that my pace is ringing. Of course, it may be because I'm too fat to shake when I'm walking. It's quite big, because in the original written by others, he also saw that he didn't feel the stethoscope effect. Maybe this will vary from person to person. I just wrote my subjective feeling for your reference!

In addition, I found that this earphone feels earache after wearing for a period of time (about 5-10 minutes, not long). It is caused by the ear flaps. Maybe because I haven't wore headphones with earflaps before. Incorrect and inappropriate. Which big god would you like to tell me if I wear it like this? Thank you

As shown in the picture, on the mobile phone, Jabra is able to see the power of the headphones, but I don't know if this is accurate. After all, I didn't spend much time on Jabra. The Sony SBH80 I did not find where to display the power on the phone, looking for a long time did not find.

SONY Sony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset

In contrast, the SBH80 did not feel much when it was worn, nor did it feel when walking on the road.

And the main body of the headset (which is everybody's collar) does not have any strange feeling when walking and running. It just looks strange, because in the past few days, the sun in Foshan is very fierce and goes straight to the summer feeling. So when I wore short-sleeved, I felt strange, but it doesn't matter. After all, I am me. Not the same goose! Haha (When it was cold, I blocked it with my coat. I didn't feel anything when I was in the room. At least I couldn't see it myself, but I didn't see it.)

Sound quality

I do not know if I am a fungus, or I too few good headphones to listen to the song, there is only one Sony Dafa headphones at home, but rarely used.

So I do not know how to feel the sound quality, can only tell you with their own intuitive feelings!

The Jabra headphone's volume will be relatively large, even if it is transferred to the smallest voice, it is not suitable for use in quiet places, and it is not suitable for use in places with many cars, because loud voices are not easy to hear potential dangers. For example, electric cars, because we are really much better here.

The SBH80's volume has a relatively large amount of room for adjustment (I don't know if that's right or wrong). When it's quiet, I'll tune in to the second volume to listen to songs, and it won't be loud. So intuitively speaking, I think SBH80 will be more comfortable when listening to music.

In terms of sound quality, it seems that Jabra's listening to that kind of play times feels better, and SBH80 is better at listening to lyrical concerts. (When listening to the song tonight, when I heard Eason Chan's "Let me stay by your side," I always felt that I was not strong enough. I don't know how to express this feeling. It is too soft.)

to sum up

Relatively speaking, personal feelings or SBH80 will be more appropriate, because I have not tried sweating, so I can not say how waterproof in the end, but since it is all sports headphones I think it should still be no problem Yes, as long as you are not going to swim, I will fill in this experience if I wear headphones to exercise vigorously!

If you like to listen to the same kind of music played during the time when you like sports, I think SBH80 is not very suitable. Perhaps the FIIL Carat of Wang Fengjia will be good (after all, Wang Feng is a rock singer.)

The above is the full text of my SONY Sony SBH80 Bluetooth sports headset compared with Jabra SPORT ROX sports Bluetooth sports headset, if you insist on seeing the younger brother here is really grateful, after all, I write for the first time Original text, style, and self-knowledge, so it's really hard for you.

I hope people will point out where they are lacking, and I will learn modestly. After all, I am a good student


As I said before, my little idea is to withdraw one, so I applied for a return from Jabra. An east side also passed an application and asked me to send the headset to them. Goose, Goose, Goose, I don't know which ribs are short-circuited. I found that the headset is a little dirty and I want to wipe it clean. Then I get a tissue wipe with alcohol! ! ! Oh my God! There is a place in the headset that turns blue. I don't know why. Did any science student tell me that I died to understand (I put the headphones up so I didn't take pictures and I was interested in seeing My joke's friend can leave a message, I find a place to reissue)

This is also destined to my life's first return is not complete, and I also did not send them past, knowing that can not be returned to waste their postage to the bar.

After my girlfriend knew it, I "comforted" me and rewarded me with an 82-year-old durian shell. I didn't say that I was going to wipe my wound with alcohol and see if it would turn blue.

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